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Jeb Bush Is His Own Man-Except When He’s George


Yesterday, on Fox “News”, Jeb Bush said “I would have [authorized the invasion of Iraq], and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody”. This is quite telling, in light of the fact that just a few weeks ago he said, “I love my father and my brother … but I am my own man — and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own experiences,” he said.

His circle of advisers, which includes many of the same men and women who worked for his brother and father, and his citing of George W. Bush as his main adviser on the Middle East, seem to belie that statement.

The idea that he is attempting to include Hillary Clinton in his brother’s debacle as someone who would have done the same thing, may, in fact, be true, but the cop who pulls you over for speeding doesn’t give you a break just because everyone else was speeding as well. Hillary will have to answer for the fact that she too, was for the disastrous invasion of Iraq, but Jeb trying to include her in an effort to say “everybody believed the intelligence” is childish and amateurish, which is a trait I’m certain that he got from his brother the cowboy.

He then goes on to admit that his brother made lots of mistakes in the aftermath of that botched invasion, saying, “after the invasion, the U.S. ought to have focused on securing and stabilizing Iraq in order to shield its people from sectarian violence”. Interesting how he neglects to suggest that Hillary would have made the same mistakes, like disbanding the Iraqi military, virtually ensuring that the insurgency would commence.

I’m no Hillary fan, and I hope that the Democrats, or even the Repubs, can come up with a more viable candidate, but Jebby is basically asking us to grade his brother, as well as him, on a curve, by telling us about all the other people who would have presumably been as stupid as George, and, by his own admission, he himself.


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