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My Facebook Experiment

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It’s my own fault.

I never liked Facebook. I considered it a vast wasteland of people who had “opinions” and thought that, that, in and of itself, gave them validity. One thing that my college studies have taught me is that nothing worthy of scholarly consideration is written without the anticipation of someone asking for a reference-something to back up what’s been said. That is clearly not the case at Facebook, and I fault myself for not knowing it. I go to the trouble to have supporting information for my comments and find that I’m the only one who does. When I try to offer those documents, I’m met with “dear-in-the-headlights” responses.

I’ll just go back to my blog. I’ve had responses from George Will, Ezra Klein, Meghan McCain and Tucker Carlson, Ana Marie Cox and Candy Crowley. Many disagreeing with things that I’ve posted, but always lucid, fact-based commentary, without ideology or hyperbole. These people are much more erudite in private than in public, and much more worthy of respect than the people I have to engage with on Facebook.

I will still post there when the whim strikes me, but I won’t engage anyone who responds. Too hard to speak to people who care more about ideology than becoming educated. I’d prefer to let them wallow in the slop of their ignorance. And I will.


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