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Burning Flags, The Prophet Mohammed and Shitting on Crosses

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The imbecile Pamela Geller who thought she was consummately clever for holding a Draw the Prophet day, offering cash awards for the best drawing of the prophet Mohammed, has become a bit of a cult hero for those who have been told by someone who actually read it that there is something called a First Amendment which, they think, allows them to do just that. Well, it does. But that doesn’t make it clever.

And anyone who has protested this childish display of “I’m doing it just because I can” has been relegated to un-American status and had their patriotism challenged since, after all, offensive speech is exactly the kind that is protected by that very same First Amendment. I happen to agree with that aspect of it, but not the action that resulted from it.

Yet, I can’t help but ask, how those very same people can react with such righteous indignation when someone burns a US Flag? That, apparently, is going too far, is it not? I mean, after all, insulting a symbol that is important to 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (that’s about 400 million more than the amount of Catholics in existence), isn’t nearly as important as the importance of a piece of cloth to 325 million Americans, is it?

Well, one might say that one is a symbol of religion whereas the other is a symbol of patriotism, which is a distinction without a difference.

So, my proposal is to send a survey to all those who participated in this adolescent display of insolence and ask them if it would be OK for a bunch of American Muslims (I say American because we want them to have the same freedom of speech protections) to defecate on a cross, with Jesus Christ attached to it. I’d say that that would be approximately as insulting to Christians as is drawing Mohammed on a piece of paper. And just to show that we want to be fair, we’ll ask them if we could offer a $10,000 prize for the biggest turd that lands on it.

You see, I’m not suggesting that anyone actually do it, since that would be petty and childish, kinda like Pamela Geller. I’m just suggesting that we simply ask them if it would be Ok with them, you know, because we want to be nice about it.

I’m just wondering if their bombastic and self-satisfied comments about the First Amendment would hold equally as true when its their religious beliefs that are getting attacked.


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