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Was watching a piece on the news this morning about the so called “religious freedom” movement among conservatives. This would strike down laws which disallow discrimination based on sexual orientation or anything else which offends your “deeply held religious beliefs”. An example is the wedding photographer who was prosecuted for refusing to provide her services to an LDBT couple because of her “deeply held belief that homosexuality is a sin”. Conservatives want business people to be able to refuse to serve virtually anyone whose lifestyle does not comport with their “deeply held religious beliefs”.

Then it struck me. If laws like this get overturned, I’m going to wait for the first time a gas station owner on a rural road somewhere out in the sticks, who happens to be a Muslim and subscribes to strict Sharia Law, refuses to help a sweet, vulnerable, blonde 18-year-old girl whose car broke down 20 miles from the nearest town. Why would the gas station owner do this? Well, because, according to his “deeply held religious beliefs”, it is a sin for women to drive, and he feels that he is adhering to his beliefs by making her walk. Really curious how that one will be reported in the conservative press…


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