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Apparently, All’s Well That Ends Well for Christians

Ted Cruz announced today that he is running for President. No big surprise. The surprise was the speech he gave, where he basically called out his father for being a deadbeat. To wit:

“When I was three, my father decided to leave my mother and me. We were living in Calgary at the time, he got on a plane and he flew back to Texas, and he decided he didn’t want to be married anymore and he didn’t want to be a father to his 3-year-old son. And yet when he was in Houston, a friend, a colleague from the oil and gas business invited him to a Bible study, invited him to Clay Road Baptist Church, and there my father gave his life to Jesus Christ.
And God transformed his heart. And he drove to the airport, he bought a plane ticket, and he flew back to be with my mother and me.”

Ok, ok, ok, ok whoa… This guy praises his father and Jesus for making his human shipwreck of a daddy become a normal person Wait, what?

He’s basically admitting that his father was the lowest form of life, walking out on a wife and three-year-old, yet bragging how he got turned around by giving his life to Jesus Christ. You mean, that makes it all ok? You mean that no matter how big a piece of shit you are prior to your religious conversion, you are not only forgiven but can now brag about what a gnat on a dogs asshole you were? What about those of us who never did anything like that to begin with?

Most who know me know that I’m a happy atheist, no explanations, no apologies. But, I’ve got to interject here that, although I was divorced when my children were younger, I never got on a plane and walked out on them. I never decided that I “didn’t want to be a father anymore”, I simply couldn’t reconcile with their mother. The difference is, I took care of my children and paid the alimony as was adjudicated, no questions asked. I saw my kids and spent time with them. AND I DIDN’T NEED SOME MYTHICAL CHARACTER AND FICTIONAL MISSIVE TO CONVINCE ME TO DO SO!

The difference is the difference between religion and morals. Mr. Cruz Sr, was missing one and he thought he could substitute it with the other.

I never cease to be amazed at the bragging rights people assign to themselves for having once been low-life scumbags, and then becoming good, upstanding people, but only when someone terrorizes them with stories of eternal hell. People like that aren’t saved. They’re just opportunistic cowards.


America-The Theocracy

Was watching a piece on the news this morning about the so called “religious freedom” movement among conservatives. This would strike down laws which disallow discrimination based on sexual orientation or anything else which offends your “deeply held religious beliefs”. An example is the wedding photographer who was prosecuted for refusing to provide her services to an LDBT couple because of her “deeply held belief that homosexuality is a sin”. Conservatives want business people to be able to refuse to serve virtually anyone whose lifestyle does not comport with their “deeply held religious beliefs”.

Then it struck me. If laws like this get overturned, I’m going to wait for the first time a gas station owner on a rural road somewhere out in the sticks, who happens to be a Muslim and subscribes to strict Sharia Law, refuses to help a sweet, vulnerable, blonde 18-year-old girl whose car broke down 20 miles from the nearest town. Why would the gas station owner do this? Well, because, according to his “deeply held religious beliefs”, it is a sin for women to drive, and he feels that he is adhering to his beliefs by making her walk. Really curious how that one will be reported in the conservative press…

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