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Sorry, but everyone is not beautiful

I think that modern society has gone a bit overboard in its reaction to those of us who aren’t considered, shall we say, beautiful. It seems that every other day I am seeing some article where “full figured” or larger than average female models are showing us their underwear. This, in isolation, would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that these pictures are usually accompanied by prose admonishing me and, presumably you, for not considering how “beautiful” these chubby women are.

Folks, if everything is labeled “beautiful”, then it will render nothing as such. When one of my grandkids produces a crayon drawing, it is cute. The Mona Lisa is beautiful. (I’ve seen it in the Louvre). A 5’6″ woman who weighs 200 pounds might be pretty, successful, sweet, kind and intelligent. Victoria Secret models are beautiful. My Honda Accord is a great car and I really like how it looks. A 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 is beautiful. So is a 1966 Jag E Type.

We can’t all be the smartest, cutest, skinniest, sexiest of our respective groups (Ok, except for me, depending on whom you ask). By attempting to shame, cajole, or embarrass me into calling something beautiful which, to me, is not, you are not improving the lives of those to whom these insincere compliments are being attached. The skinniest kid in fat camp is still…fat.

The problem is not exactly whom we consider to be beautiful. The problem is the need to be beautiful. I’m sure its great when you walk into a room, only to hear all conversation stop as those in it absorb the beauty that is you. I’m sure its great to have people comment on your slim figure, your full head of hair, your gorgeous lips, your, well, whatever. But we don’t all get dealt those cards (again, except for me).

That which is beautiful cannot be dictated by those who wish they were. The concept of beauty resides within he who experiences it. You can show me all the pictures of deformed bodies, fat bodies, skinny bodies and every other kind of body you can find, but you can’t tell me that they’re beautiful. That is a privilege I reserve for myself.


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