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Of Torture and Drone Strikes


Surprise! Fox “News” can’t stand when anyone reminds them how Dick Cheney and his lap dog (you know, George “Cowboy” Bush) genuinely destroyed so many good aspects of this country.

Now that the torture report is out (you know, the one released by a committee of 8 Democrats and 7 Repubs), they are tripping over themselves trying to find some, any, equivalency between what everyone but they agree is torture and Obama’s policy of using drones to kill enemy soldiers.

It amazes me when I see their glib and self-satisfied looks after they ask a question that their own synaptical processes are too slow to figure out an answer to and so assume that no one else could. You know, someone other than those who work at Fox.

So, last week, when one of these dweezels equated purposeful torture with unintended casualties in a war, everyone else in front of the camera assumed that there simply couldn’t be any counter-argument to that premise, and sat there looking like Little Jack Horner after pulling his thumb out of the Xmas pie or, in other words, quite self-satisfied.

The premise that these gray-matter deprived yuck-yucks had missed was that there are alternatives to torture. Many alternatives. Police use them all the time to get information from criminals. John McCain, himself a Repub but also a torture victim, has said time and again that the result of most torture is that the victim simply tells his antagonists what they want to hear, rendering it useless.

Drone attacks, on the other hand, are not done frivolously or when there are alternatives. They are done in the course of war when an enemy has been identified and the drone is chosen out of all the available alternatives (soldiers raiding a village, as an example, risking their lives and an equal amount of innocent lives). They represent trained military personnel KNOWING who they want to kill and a calculated risk that others in the area will be killed.

Furthermore, I defy anyone to say that Barack Obama has shown any tendency to kill without concern for civilians. If you believe Fox “News”, he is the weakling who worries too much about others. Those interviewed on their shows have gone so far as to call him a Muslim sympathizer, so you’d be hard pressed to prove that he has little regard for human life, especially those of civilians in combat areas.

But I know that any demonstration of this level of erudition or even, you know, thought, makes their viewers return to their regular habits of watching The View, Saturday morning cartoons or their favorite televangelist, which is why Fox goes out of its way to avoid any semblance of it.

The amazing part is that these spokesmodels are still so umbilically attached and so feel the need to defend the political disasters of the Bush/Cheney cabal that they actually defend, on television, the torturing of human beings. They seem to delight in saying “well, if you get to kill them with drones, we should get to torture them”, as two schoolchildren fighting over who gets the larger portion of desert might do.

Sorry, I take that back. That was an unfair disparagement of schoolchildren.





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