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Your Own Private Idaho


Just came across an article today that compelled me to do some research regarding religion, abortion and children. And I found out something amazing…

In 6 states, Idaho being one of them, it is legal for a parent to refuse medical treatment for their child if the parents truly believe that prayer is the only method acceptable to heal their children of diseases. Yes, in these states, a parent can claim a right to let their child die if they don’t believe that god wants us to use medicine to “artificially” heal them. One such group is known as the Followers of Christ.

Yet, in Idaho and most of these other states, recent legislation has made it dramatically more difficult for a woman to have an abortion. in Idaho, specifically, the government refuses to allow public funds to pay for an abortion under most circumstances, and adds numerous restrictions to doing so even when legal.

Yes folks, you heard it here. In at least 6 states, Idaho being one of them, you cannot abort a fetus which has no chance of survival on its own without paying for it yourself (even if you have insurance) and adhering to various guidelines set by the state to “protect unborn children”. It would likely be completely illegal in these states if the Supreme Court had not deemed it legal in Roe v Wade.

Yet, friends and neighbors, after they are born, you can let them die a slow, painful death if you just happen to be stupid enough to think that god listens to prayers and specifically watches out for children. Yup, that’s perfectly OK as long as you put gods name on it.

It is estimated that over 150 children have been allowed to die this way since 1972 in Idaho alone…

Praise Jesus?


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