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To the St Louis Rams-Be Careful Who You Embrace As A Hero

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The more I think about the Michael Brown killing, the more I question the wisdom of anyone taking sides. From the first time I wrote about this incident, I’ve been reminding my readers that this does not appear to be as cut-and-dry as some would like it to be.

The Ferguson, Mo prosecutor’s office has pulled off one of the most brilliant slights-of-hand in recent prosecutorial memory. By sending the Michael Brown case to a grand jury for what was in effect a secret trial, he avoided any public hearing of the facts in this case. The grand jury basically heard testimony from witnesses who were staged by the prosecutor (he has the authority to do this) in an effort to ensure that they wouldn’t indict Darren Wilson. The result of this was tantamount to a full acquittal of Wilson, even though there has never been, and never will be, a true jury trial. In addition, the prosecutor was absolved from having to make a decision on his own, which is what he is paid to do. Brilliant!

But the net result of this is the fact that we will only ever have small little tidbits of information as to exactly who Michael Brown was. We’ve seen pictures of him allegedly strong-arming a store owner over a pack of cigars. We’ve heard information about pot smoking and the like. So, we’re left with the possibility that Michael Brown did, in fact, punch Darren Wilson while he was sitting in his police car, which would, to some, justify Wilson’s use of force. It could very well be that Michael Brown caused his own death by his actions, and the left-wing media needs to be careful how they embrace Michael Brown, since they could end up looking stupid.

It reminds me of another incident some years back when a deadbeat policeman wannabe named George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin for all the wrong reasons. The right-wing Repub nut-job pundit bubble embraced Zimmerman as a hero-until every woman he’s ever been with started revealing what a controlling, violent and intellectually bereft idiot this guy was. It made the righties who embraced him and his actions look like idiots, not for the first time, that’s for sure.

My point is that Michael Brown, if we ever do get all the details, could end up looking like as much of a loser as George Zimmerman did, and those who yell “Hands up, don’t shoot” in his honor (as happened at a St Louis Rams game this weekend) may be honoring the wrong guy.

Its important that those who are trying to improve race relations don’t end up with the wrong poster child, like those on the other side did with George Zimmerman.


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