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Low Information Voters Unite!


Mitch McConnell, who recently won re-election in Kentucky and will likely be majority leader in the next senate, yesterday said, when asked about his plans, “It also means renewing our commitment to repeal ObamaCare, which is hurting the job market along with Americans’ health care.”

The unemployment rate was nearly 10% when the ACA was passed. The unemployment rate is currently 5.9% nearly 4 years later. For all my statistically challenged Repub friends, that’s an improvement. Just the opposite of what McConnell said.

Regarding whether its “hurting…American’s health care”, 10 million Americans now have health insurance who didn’t have it before Obamacare. And that’s not just people who couldn’t afford it, that’s people like friends of mine with Diabetes who simply couldn’t get it before at any price since they have preexisting conditions.

I’ve always wondered about this, but its becoming quite evident that the only way Repubs win elections is by appealing to their most uninformed members. They create false narratives that the economy is still in bad shape (it isn’t) and that Obamacare kills jobs (it doesn’t). But if they say it, Repubs will believe it.

Note to Repubs. Your leaders are smarter than you and have no respect for your intellect. They consider you to be monosyllabic dolts, who spend their nights watching football, their weekends going to Disney World and the rest of the time doing as little original thinking as possible. They know that you get your information from 3 second sound-bites and probably haven’t read a book in years (unless it was about gun repair). They know that, like Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s little puppy, you’ll salivate when someone even suggests that they might ring a bell.

And if you have to Google the last reference, you’ve proved my point.


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