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Election night 2014

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Jeez, the one Repub who I actually wanted to win (local city councilman) lost, but lots of other Repubs won. Sheesh!

Oh well, it’s common enough for the opposing party to win in the last two years of a two-term presidency, but I was hoping that we’d break that pattern. No such luck.

OK, then commence with the bombing of Iran, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, put anyone who’s been downwind of an Ebola patient in a concentration camp, commence stoning gays and killing abortion doctors, start sending the tax rebates to rich people and, oh yeah, where’s my free gun?


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  1. Bill Cadiz says:

    Joseph de Maistre, 18th century French diplomat, said “people get the leaders they deserve”, a quote repeated later by Jefferson, Lincoln and Churchill. Here’s my contribution: “The best part of democracy is that we get to elect leaders who are people like us. The worst part of democracy is we actually elect people who are like us”.

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