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Melting Ice Caps, Scientists and Private Lady Parts


Republicans in recent months have found a way to avoid (in their minds) looking like idiots regarding climate change. Rather than deny it and look foolish in the face of all the mounting evidence of its existence (we used to have a North Pole, now, not so much), they simply claim, when asked about it, that they’re “not scientists”. (John Boehner, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry, to name just a few). This seems to satisfy their ilk, as if it takes a scientist to know the the polar ice caps are about 1/2 what they were only 20 years ago and that the carbon content of the air and oceans is about 4 times what it was in the same period.

But when asked about when life begins in the womb, their PhD’s from Whatsa Matta “U”. seem to come out for all to see. They can recite, chapter and verse, the entire biological process from when the man lights the cigarette to when the kid graduates high school. They are certain that, since fetuses have brainwaves and heartbeats, (you know, like every freaking living  fish, animal and most insects on the face of the earth) that they must be living humans, (you know, unlike every freaking living fish, animal and most insects on the face of the earth).

So, to make this clear…They can’t describe what’s happening in front of their faces even with physical and photographic evidence, because that requires a “scientist”, yet what’s happening tucked up inside a woman’s womb is simple for anyone to understand. All you need are billboards that say “life begins at conception” with a picture of an adorable infant.

I might become a Repub soon. I think I might enjoy a life devoid of the burden of thought…


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