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Let’s All Hope for a Republican Victory in November


We shouldn’t fear a Repub victory in November due to the fact that if Repubs win majorities in both houses, they will no longer have anyone to blame for their malfeasance but themselves. Just imagine, John Boehner will no longer have Harry Reid to blame for his absolute lack of leadership of the Repubs in the Congress.

Even if they do happen to pass a bill, they will have to work with the President to ensure that there is bi-partisan language in it, since, once again, passing bills that don’t get signed will make them look ineffectual and stupid, Yes, even worse than they do now.

They will have absolutely no rationale for blaming democrats for not passing bills, something that they rarely do now. And if they pass any, and they have to fight the President to sign them, this fight will likely take place in the light of day, and on the news, rather than in the back rooms of Congress.

And if they continue to fail at governing, it will be quite evident in 2016, when every Democrat will be happy to point out their failures to lead, even though they had a majority in the Congress. That will be a big help to Dems in 2016, n’est ce pas?

Like I said, don’t fear the reaper, I mean the Repubs. And to my Republican readers, be careful what you wish for, because you might get it. And I don’t think I’ll mind one bit.


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