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Do These Terrorists Groups Have Us Figured Out?


If you were a terrorist-a fundamentalist Muslim terrorist-and you lived in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya or any of a number of other countries in the middle east, and you wanted to kill Americans, what would be the best way to do so?

You could attempt to cross the Atlantic, by either hijacking planes, surreptitiously obtaining visas and coming over legally or, as Repubs like to shit their pants about, come over the Mexican border to kill us all.

There is another way though. A much simpler, cheaper way, where you don’t have to fight the Americans on their home turf, against their natural home-court advantage. That way is to get them to come to you.

You could commit atrocities, like flying airplane into buildings, or beheading people on TV. You could start rumors about “suitcase nuclear weapons” and other WMD, to scare the shit out of those wealthy but cowardly Americans, forcing them to spend trillions of dollars shipping military personnel and equipment to YOUR country, inevitably leaving some of it there after they’re done, so you can fight them again, years later, with their own shit.

You could have your warlords convince us that, for a few million dollars, they would support us, thereby causing us to spend billions in cash to win “hearts and minds” (as we’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan) of the local population, while also enriching your coffers.

Its becoming more and more clear that these people want us to fight them. They continually do things that any rational person would agree practically forces us to fight them, to spend our money and risk our lives to ostensibly stop them from doing the exact things that they do to lure us over there. But they never stop. They never stop suckering us into these wars to force us to come to them, to their turf, to fight them in the mountains and deserts where they’ve been fighting for centuries. By doing so, they win.

The Afghans believe that they have won both wars-one with Russia and one with the US, because they stood up to us and outlasted us. And didn’t they? Is there anything different in Afghanistan as a result of the Russians invading Afghanistan and fighting for 10 years from 1979 to 1989? Is there anything different about Afghanistan after fighting us from 2002 to today? Has either “superpower” been able to effectuate any permanent, positive change there?

They are still there. We’re not. To them that’s a victory. They’ve defeated the two greatest superpowers the world has ever known by outlasting them.

How different do you think it will be this time fighting ISIS? Do we expect that we will capture all the members of ISIS, kill or imprison them, restore Syria and Iraq to democracy and go home?

Or will be just keep going to them, forever led by this idiotic belief that we can rid the world of terrorism, like the stupid kid who gets taunted into an alley, only to get his ass kicked for having done so. They keep luring us in, promising us glory and the chance to save the world, and we keep falling for it.

During the Vietnam war there was an oft-repeated slogan that went: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”


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