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So, let me see if I have this straight…

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We have this group, ISIS, or ISIL, depending on the message you’re trying to send when you say it, publicly beheading people. They’re using expensive cameras and good quality production techniques to show the world how brutal they are. And of course, the immediate reaction is to simply say that they are brutal monsters and must be wiped off he face of the earth. Nothing terribly new or original here.

But wait a second…

These people are fully aware that when the President of the US, or the heads of governments around the world see this brutality, they will be motivated, both by personal feelings of disgust and political pressure, to attack ISIS. This is not news. This is not something of which these barbarians are not aware. Yet they continue to take the time and energy to videotape these beheadings and release them to the world. They are fully aware that their actions will cause hell to rain from above in artillery fire and bombs dropped from airplanes, as well as ground troops rooting them out where ever they hide. They know that these things are about to happen.

Yet they continue to provoke.

Sure, many of these religious zealots will die for their beliefs, but the very nature of any army is to preserve their personnel, not to purposely taunt the enemy into killing them, otherwise you will lose you battle. So why are they doing it? Why are they virtually asking to be attacked by an army that they know they can’t possibly defeat?

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this smells really bad.

After all, we’re all way too smart to be tricked into another war, like cowboy George Bush did to us in 2003, right? Right? I mean, we’re much too savvy to be goaded into invading a country again because of simple-minded threats of weapons of mass destruction, right? I said right?

We would need much more proof, much more evidence, much more abject brutality before we would allow ourselves to be suckered into another middle-east conflict, wouldn’t we? I mean, after all, its not like we’re stupid or anything, are we?

John McCain is getting his way. Lindsay Graham is getting his way. Dick Cheney is getting his way. All the “retired generals” on Fox “News” who are recommending war are currently working for defense contractors (Google their name the next time you see one of them. I did) and they could’t be happier.

Obama’s poll numbers are way up regarding foreign policy and the Congress, including John Boehner, are agreeing with Obama and giving him whatever he wants in order to go to war! Can you believe that?

We hear Rick Perry telling us, with a straight face, that ISIS is coming over the Mexican border! We have state department officials telling us that ISIS members can come into the country without passports. We’re seeing journalists being beheaded on national TV.

And its scaring us, because, well, we here in the big bad United States of America, the greatest country on earth and its only remaining superpower, well, we scare pretty easily…

What’s next, Colin Powell testifying at the UN about aluminum tubes from Niger?


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