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Hey, do you know who I am?

Interesting combination of self-delusional self-promotion this week…

Two conservative heroes, Sarah Palin and George Zimmerman, not only got into physical altercations within the last few days, but both of them apparently decided that invoking “who they are” would be a proper defense against their erstwhile aggressors.

Sarah, you know, the woman who quit as Alaska governor just to remind us where Russia is and terrify us into the thought of her being one blood clot away from the Presidency, was involved in a brawl in Alaska the other day and used the line “don’t you know who I am?” when confronted with some equally back-woods mouth breather like herself. Here’s the link.

And George Zimmerman, you know, that cowardly “neighborhood watch” guy who’s too scared to take a dump unless his sidearm is strapped to his ankle. You know, the one who shoots black teenagers and routinely threatens women with violence as often as most people shower. You know, the one who’s father is an ex-judge, but that had no influence on the fact that he once beat up a cop and got off scott-free. You know, THAT George Zimmerman.

Well, he got in a road-rage confrontation the other day and returned the next day with a gun in his belt and told the guy who cut him off, “Do you know who I am, I’ll fucking kill you”. I’m sure he was only “standing his ground”, so it must be OK. Here’s the link to that one

Now you know our conservative friends. They forgot how much they loved Sarah Palin and defended Zimmerman. They hope that we’ve forgotten their ill-conceived and poorly-defended support of these losers. But we haven’t. And what makes it easier for us to remember is the fact that all the neanderthals that fall into this category seem to be coalescing into one, big low-IQ, knuckle dragging, racist, gun-loving, anti-intellectual, puss-filled blob.

Zimmerman, Palin, Phil Robertson and Clive Bundy are all examples of the imbeciles that Repubs first support, with guns, banners, protests, and Fox “News” reports, then, somehow slither into the background with a quietly murmured “never mind”, when they find out just what maloderous, dim-witted, dolt’s these genetic inaccuracies truly are.

Just one more example of the good decision making techniques used by our Repub friends!

And yet, their heroes are so unbelievably stupid, so blindingly unaware of what those with IQs above the pollen count think of them, that they always appear to want to remind us “who they are”.

Do we know who they are? Well, yes. Yes we do.


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