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Sean Hannity, Phil Robertson and Bowel Movements

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Phil Robertson is back. Back on Fox “News” I mean. This maloderous, mouth-breathing, camo-fashionista, was on Sean Hannity discussing ISIS, because, after all, who better to discuss extremely complex foreign policy issues than someone who kills little ducks for a living?

You know ISIS, right? They’re that terrorist group in Iraq and Syria which kills people who don’t convert to Islam. You know, backward religious zealots who don’t like anyone who doesn’t look, act, or worship like they do. Over here we call them Catholics.

Anyway, Yosemite Sam, err, Phil, was acting all “I know words” on Hannity last night and, in between quoting from the bible he brought with him (I think it was covered in camo, for the man who likes scripture while sitting in a blind eating flame-broiled possum) and expounding on Jesus, he suggested to Sean, “In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them.”

So, Phil Robertson, that brilliant man-about-swamp moral philosopher to the stars, is telling us that the way to combat those who would kill us for not believing what they believe, is to kill them for not believing what we believe! Or, failing that, converting them to Christianity would be sufficient repentance for beheading innocent civilians. As long as they become Christian, all will be forgiven! In other words, killing is not too bad if you have the right God. Its when you kill in the name of a different God than Phil’s, well that’s when the gloves come off! Its an either/or situation, easily remedied with that old time religion!

It’s not so much that imbeciles like this exist. There are lots more where Phil Robertson came from, and most are related to him. But the fact that Fox has so little else of importance to impart to its listeners that they give this guy a forum to spew this verbal pablum all over the inside of my TV screen…

Yeah, I know that I could change the channel, but you know, like with car accidents and large bowel movements, its hard to not look…


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