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Black people demonstrating Open Carry

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Hey kids, I just had a thought. You know all those times when gun nuts go around open-carrying their AR-15s, shotguns and other toys for the manliness-disabled? You know, they walk into Target, McDonalds and other relatively peaceful places, openly displaying their weaponry because, you know, they can?


I can’t help but wonder how it would come off if a group of black people started doing the same thing. I’m talking about law-abiding black people demonstrating their legal, licensed constitutionally guaranteed right to openly carry their lethal firearms, in the presence of children, mothers and other innocent citizens.

At night.
In white neighborhoods.
Or around white cops.
Maybe like in Ferguson, Mo.
While wearing hoodies!

I wonder how long it would take until the cops, National Guard, FBI and the freakin’ Marines were called to suppress this apparent insurrection. Hell, even Cliven Bundy’s buddies would probably show up.

I mean, you know, because blacks and guns, well…

Just spitballin’ here…


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  1. I’ve had a similar thought about black people walking into stores with guns “open carry” fashion to highlight the difference in reaction, but I am afraid that this kind of protest would be extremely high risk. Someone could be killed.

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