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Still deciding on Ferguson, but this is quite startling


I’m still deciding who is right or wrong in Ferguson, Mo. But I heard someone comparing to the Cliven Bundy case, where a white millionaire racist, who’s son was a fugitive from the law, refused to pay over $1 million to US taxpayers for his use of our land.







His mouth-breathing, 3rd-grade reading level, squirrel-eating, cousin-f*cking, mullet-wearing, meth addict buddies actually pointed their guns at federal officials, yet none, NOT ONE, was arrested. Oh, and by the way, turns out that every damned one of them was…wait for it…a white guy.

Then, we have Ferguson, Mo, where those of a slightly different color have been protesting what may or may not be a case of police brutality. They themselves, however, are not armed, not threatening to attack police if they don’t get their way, and are not generally…wait for it…white guys.






If you’ll notice one other thing, in the Bundy episode, you’ve got citizens (word used loosely) pointing guns at federal agents, because they don’t like the way the government is taking away their freedoms. Yet in the Ferguson crisis, the cops are pointing their guns at the citizens, yet I’ve yet to hear the outcry from conservatives about these people having their freedoms taken away by a government out of control.

So, white guys get to point guns at federal agents and at black guys, and none of them get arrested. Black guys not only can’t point guns, they can’t even yell really loud, without getting arrested.

More to come…


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