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Don’t Confuse Agreement with Truth

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Yes, I too have been watching the events unfolding in Ferguson, Mo. Yes, I too came to some rapidly-formed conclusions almost immediately. And yes, I too am seeing things that disturb me from both sides of this saga.

But don’t make the mistake of closing your mind once you hear that which comports with your pre-determined notions of either black kids or white cops. There are lots of occasions where white cops have done things that are racist, bigoted or the result of unfair profiling.

And there are lots of occasions where 18-year-olds, whether black or white, have approached cops in a threatening manner, thinking that there won’t be any consequences for having done so.

This story has a few more chapters to be written before we can close the book. Those who act as if they know what happened, are just setting themselves up to look foolish.


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