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This must stop!

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Examples of foreigners and immigrants allowed to stay in the US, and take American jobs, by simple executive order of the President. Not by act of Congress, not by request of the states, but by that Constitution destroying socialist President who is just trying to gin up more Democratic votes!

1. 200,000 Nicaraguans given asylum
2. 150,000 Cubans given asylum after the Mariel boat lift
3. 150,000 Salvadorans allowed to stay past their visa expiration dates
4. 500,000 green card holders from South America allowed to stay if they enlist in the army
5. 2,000,000 Vietnamese (our enemies) allowed to enter the US and stay without passports or visas!

Ok, ok, you know me better than that, right? You know that all of the above are examples of other Presidents using executive authority. Yes, that thing that Repubs call “shredding the Constitution” to allow various people in the country under extraordinary circumstances.

In order, the Presidents were:

1. Reagan
2. Reagan
3. Clinton
4. George “Cowboy” Bush
5. Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush

So, when Barack Obama does it again, (and he’s going to, soon), and your Repub friends cry “Socialist Dictator!”, just show them the above. And note that God’s right-hand man, Ronald Reagan, did it more than anyone.

Hey, I’m only here trying to help


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