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Armed Muslims and Hungry Christians

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As of today it has been announced that we are arming the Kurds in northern Iraq to help them fight against ISIS. The silence, among our Repub friends, over how much it will cost to do so, is deafening. No one seems to be worried about the cost, not even a little bit.

This is the definition of irony, especially in light of the resounding cacophony over the cost of housing some desperate kids coming over the southern border.

To restate a point in a previous post:
Although we claim to hate Muslims, we are arming them in northern Iraq. “Ugh! Guns, good! Killing good! Killing make us look strong!”

Although we claim to be a “Christian nation”, we are sending 6-year-old Christian children back into the desert to starve.”Obama wants to let them in as part of his master plan to get more Democratic voters!”

Does anyone still believe that there is, or ever has been, any such thing as a compassionate conservative?


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