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Lawsuits, Impeachment and Boehner, Oh My!


John Boehner’s congress, you know the congress that in 2013 passed only 67 laws, compared to the congress described by Harry Truman in the 1940s as the “do nothing congress”, which passed over 900 laws, yeah, that congress, voted to sue Barack Obama yesterday. They’re suing him because he delayed the employer mandate on Obamacare without asking their permission first. Its nice to see that they’ve found something to keep them occupied.

How amazing is it that a congress that spent $71 million of our tax dollars on over 40 votes to repeal Obamacare, is now suing its main protagonist for delaying its implementation! Yessiree bob, they all hate Obamacare and want it to die a creeping, carcass-rotting, stuck in the corner of the sewer grate, reluctant and ponderous death, but dammit, they ain’t a-gonna let anyone delay it!

For any of you who are enjoying this, thinking that it makes Obama “nervous” or in any way worried, (as is being gleefully reported on Fox “News” and Newsmax) consider these facts:

1. This has happened hundreds of times with other Presidents (mostly by cry-baby Repubs) and never, not once, have any of these frivolous suits made it through the review process (they get thrown out of court because the filer lacks standing).

2. If a court were to agree to hear it, the motions and discovery phase would take years, well past the remainder of Obama’s term in office.

3. This is simply a manifestation of a congress which wishes Obama to fail, and is stamping their feet over the fact that his Presidency has been so unbelievably successful. Yeah, ending two wars, leading us back from an economic abyss, capturing Osama bin Laden (remember how Cowboy Bush said he didn’t even think about him anymore, the guy who killed 3000 Americans?), saving the automobile industry, giving us affordable health care, creating the Consumer Credit Protection agency, ad infinitum).

4. Just like when Repubs impeached Clinton, this is simply evidence that Repubs are so bad at actually governing, that all they can do is try to use the courts to get their way. And when they lose, they complain about activist judges!

Move along folks, nothing to see here…


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