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Repubs spend more money creating veterans than taking care of them


Interesting little tidbit in the news today:

The congressional committee investigating Benghazi, (yes, still), is asking for a budget of $3.3 million, whereas the committee investigating the deficiencies in the VA is only asking for $3 million. Not a very big deal, but it does make one wonder why is costs less money to investigate one of the largest government agencies on the face of the earth, responsible for the health care of millions of veterans, than it does to investigate what has turned out to be a simple, though tragic, attack on an American Embassy (and one of over 15 such attacks in the last 30 years).

Could it be that everyone in Congress knows that the VA is not under the President’s domain as much as it is under Congress’ watch (only Congress can appropriate funds for it) and that it is not controlled by the military (it has a separate cabinet-level administrator) and so does not come under the President’s direct control in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief?

Could it also be that they know that these problems are endemic to the VA and are the result of years of Congressional neglect, spanning the last 5 or 6 Presidents?

Well, who knows? The Repub controlled congress is spending more investigating this attack, not because it’s the first time an American got killed at a US embassy, but because Susan Rice didn’t say the exact words that they would have preferred on some Sunday morning talk shows.

Yet Veterans, (you know, the ones who used to be the “troops” that the Repubs used to admonish us to “support” during the Iraq deception, err, war), are not worthy of nearly as much attention as far as these decepticons are concerned. Apparently, once you’re no longer an active “troop”, (the correct word is soldier. A troop is a small cavalry unit, subordinate to a squadron) your importance to these ersatz patriots diminishes rapidly.

There is a genuine scandal in the way Veterans have been treated in this country for decades, but since the Repubs know they can’t really pin it on Obama or Hillary, they’ve just put it on the back burner for now, while they wait for some other windmills at which to tilt.



  1. Alex Jones says:

    The ruler has different priorities to those that have fought and died for them. There are many philosophical questions that arise from this unfortunate situation.

  2. I agree, but those who fight and die are continually willing to believe otherwise. They believe that the “ruler” is one of them, only more informed. That’s why they follow him.

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