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John Boehner is Suing Barack Obama For…He’ll Get Back To Us On That

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Yesterday, in a press conference from Capital Hill, John Boehner was asked about his threatened lawsuit against Barack Obama. You know the one that isn’t about impeachment (his words), but about “not faithfully executing the laws of this country”. When asked to give some specifics as to what laws Obama has not “faithfully executed”, Boehner’s reply was, “when I make that decision, I’ll let you know”.

So, if I have this right…I just know that you did something wrong, dammit! And I’m going to sue your ass over it! Just as soon as I figure out what it is!

The Repub circular firing squad did this once before. They spent 3 years and $25 million paying human bobblehead Ken Star to investigate and bring lawsuits against Bill Clinton, ending up in a useless impeachment hearing over, of all things, a blowjob, AND NOT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY OTHER THING. Yup, $25 million of those precious semolians that Repubs are so keen on saving, all to bring some kind, any kind, of legal action against one of the most popular Democratic presidents of the last century. And they, as usual, failed. Remember Whitewater, Troopergate, The Rose Lawfirm, Travelgate, Vince Foster, draft dodging, ad infinitum? You don’t? Well that’s because they were investigations and lawsuits that turned up absolutely nothing.

Repubs never saw a lawsuit against a Democrat that they didn’t like, irrespective if it’s just another circle-jerk. Substance is of no consequence, as long as you can tell your idiot followers that you’ve got the Dems on the run.

Now, they’re all ginned up about this “lawsuit”, but don’t know what they’re suing over.

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago, of a bunch of teenagers who wanted to start a band. They bought lots of guitars, amps, drums, keyboards and microphones. When they had it all set up, one of them said, “Great! Now all we have to do is learn to play these things”.

John Boehner (and his confused minions) figure that you first must decide that you want to sue someone, but leave the important part -like the actual purpose of the suit-for later.

I think its a big mistake to waste so much time on this. I mean, if Boehner spends too much time on this lawsuit, how will he have the time to order more votes repealing Obamacare?


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