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Jesus Loves Me This I Know, Cause Hobby Lobby Tells Me So

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Those of you who believe the conservative bile that your religious freedoms were protected today please pay attention. Your religious freedom was not was transferred.

Now, if you work for Hobby Lobby (or any of the other closely held companies in the country) it is THEY who will determine whether or not you’re entitled to something that the government has promised you-birth control included with your health insurance.

It is now Hobby Lobby who has been given domain over your religious freedom. If you are a woman who works for Hobby Lobby (they have 22,000 employees) it is the Green family who now gets to determine if you’re entitled to birth control. And they’ve already decided that you’re not.

So, to recap, prior to the Supreme Court entering the womb of every woman who works for Hobby Lobby, those women had the choice, given them by the ACA, whether to use birth control. Now, they can only use birth control if they can afford to pay for it on their own, in addition to whatever they pay for their health insurance. And the only people who are deciding this for them are the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby.

And just wait…more is coming. There are about 100 cases of companies who want to deny birth control to their employees in the lower courts, and now the precedent has been set.

Enjoy your religious freedom…and the unwanted pregnancy.


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  1. Bill and Mary says:

    SCOTUS has not always done the right thing, despite its appearance of being “learned” and just (see Dred Scott and Koromatsu). This court, with five justices virtually right-wing slaves, seems bent on promoting an oligarch-style government with a theological twist, precisely what the Framers did not want. The idea that a corporation or its owners is somehow representative of its employees, is authorized to speak for them, and not at all held to the concept of “common good”, the cornerstone of the Constitution, is by definition anti-American. True democracy is not always a pretty thing (has it ever existed?) and I suppose we have come as close as it gets. For the Third Branch to be truly the correct and fearless interpreter and protector of the Constitution we must find a way to somehow find judges of real competence who have no alliance or loyalty to any vested interest or philosophy. They should know their stuff and make decisions that serve no other purpose than to make the USA a better place, all without having to kiss somebody’s butt. Good luck with that. Until we get rid of the absurd circus of Congressional confirmation, where we are treated to the madness of some dumb-ass Boss Hog demanding to know how many times a prospective justice has gone to church, we’re going to be stuck with the likes of Alito and Thomas, both certified idiots. Clarence Thomas especially should be the poster child of conflict-of-interest, with a wife who is not only wacko (middle-of-the-night threatening phone call to Anita Hill) but a vociferous spokesperson for the anti-Obama, far-right Heritage Foundation. Surely there’s something wrong with this picture. Now when the Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Satanists and all the others show up with every conceivable modification request to any law they don’t like who’s going to stop them? We already have the so-called Sovereign Nation types who don’t believe in any law by any government, who don’t pay taxes and think that government itself is illegitimate. Here we go, the Sovereign Nation Church is around the corner. How’re things going with you anyway? Best regards to the family, Bill.

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