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Hey Conservatives, YOU BUILT THAT!

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Jeez folks.

Between Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, George Zimmerman, Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) and now this opportunistically patriotic, slavery-defending, Glenn Beck quoting hemorrhoid on the bunghole of society and intellectual apparition known as Cliven Bundy, I’m getting really tired of this low hanging fruit. Its not even a challenge anymore guys. C’mon!

How many of these synaptically challenged “defenders of freedom” will you cleave to, only to have to backpedal as furiously as a cat tossed in a pool when you find out, lo and behold, many of these people are: Just. Plain. Stupid.

As are you. If you remain willing to support their verbally denied, yet intellectually undefended, racism, tribalism, misogyny, and uber-patriotism, only to be forced to say later, as if quoting Rosanne Rosanadana, when finding out that everything you’ve so vehemently defended due your poorly understood readings of one or two of the various amendments to the constitution that you once read on a bumper sticker or someone’s tattoo, “never mind”, you should consider the premise that most of us who actually think, rather than react, remember every time you do, and any semblance respect for your opinions diminishes even further.

And we nod, knowingly, as if watching a child learning his times tables, reminding ourselves to be patient as his little mind grows. The only difference is that the child usually improves with time.


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