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Welfare Queens, Kings, and Bill O’Reilly.

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I can’t help it folks. This stuff drives me insane.

On Sunday, Bill O’Reilly once again took advantage of the fact that Barack Obama has more class than O’Reilly will ever, and asked, as impertinently as possible, of the twice duly elected leader of the free world some of the most insolent questions, to which the President replied with all the restraint and lack of animus for which he’s become well-known.

One question (or statement) in particular related to the premise that Obama is a “nanny state kind of guy” (O’Reilly’s words) whereas O’Reilly ostensibly rose to his elevated station with no help from the government whatsoever. They bandied this idea back and forth and then went on to other things. The President smirked at O’Reilly’s gracelessness quite a few times, but never let on his true feelings, as he usually does not with the Fox cabal. Kind of like the way you treat a wise-ass teenager who is too stupid to know how badly his impudence makes him look. Obama, as usual, comported himself well with this self-aggrandizing simpleton O’Reilly.

But I’m tired of these Repubs whose only claim to fame is a bad memory who act as if they’ve lived their lives on an island somewhere where they’ve never received any help from anyone to achieve the greatness which they now exhibit. It’s boring. And I’m tired of it.

So, lets go down a few “entitlement” programs that O’Reilly and most of the rest of us welfare kings and queens have sucked from the government teat, shall we?

1. O’Reilly grew up in Levittown, NY, where the FHA subsidized every mortgage. The FHA was instrumental in Bill O’Reilly’s father getting his mortgage. The FHA is a government agency.
2. O’Reilly’s father went to college on the GI bill. For Free. On Uncle Sam’s dime. GI or no GI, he got a free college education.
3. O’Reilly, before he became a gazillionaire, owned numerous houses throughout the country, each upon of which was a mortgage, upon which there was interest, which O’Reilly deducted from his federal income tax every year. The only reason that the government gives this form of welfare to home owners is to support home ownership. But it also applies to multiple houses, like vacation homes. The mortgage interest deduction is basically a welfare-like handout to every homeowner in the country who has a mortgage.
4. For the rest of us, Repubs included, which of you will refuse Medicare when you turn 65? Which of you will refuse Social Security when you come of age? Which of you returned the tax credit that George Bush gave you in the early part of his presidency? Which one of you would turn one down today?
5. Is the air you breathe cleaner than Athens, or Bejing, where the exhaust coming out of the tailpipe of a modern car is LESS polluted than the air that it sucks in? Well, you can thank that socialist organization, the EPA for that (BTW, Richard Nixon, that socialist, marxist pig, started the EPA).
6.Is the water you drink cleaner than the Ganges in India which is so dirty they don’t even recommend washing clothes in it, yet millions get their drinking water from it? Yup, EPA again.
7. Do you pay 110% interest on your credit cards? No? Well I guess a thank you card is owned to the Federal Reserve, who regulates credit card companies.
8. Was the pilot on your last airplane ride licenced and properly trained? Well, a call to the FAA might be in order.

Yeah, yeah, yeah you pay for all that stuff with your taxes, I know, I’ve heard it before. But that is not an argument for suggesting that someone who takes advantage of government programs is on welfare, or a nanny state guy, any more than it suggests that you are a welfare recipient when you take advantage of any of the above, or a government scholarship, or low interest student loan.

And I know at least a few people with large properties who claim farm deductions for their large tracts of land, thereby saving huge amounts of property taxes. This is quite a common occurance, but you won’t find a lot of poor people with large tracts of land ripping off the government for their fair share of property taxes. That’s because poor people don’t own large tracts of land!

I have been a businessman for a large part of my life and fully understand the concept of fending for yourself and not relying on others, but this sanctimony has to stop.

So, to recap. If you’ve ever accepted a mortgage interest deduction, if you receive more in Social Security or Medicare in your lifetime than you pay, or, for that matter, ever gotten a scholarship or student loan, then you, according to Bill O’Reilly’s definition, are a nanny-state kind of guy.

Or, by the same definition, a Welfare Queen.


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