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The Platitudes of Ignorance


I am constantly confronted by those who use their ignorance to bully me, sometimes saying such incredible things such as “alls I know is” and then proceeding to instruct me as to their simple-minded opinions regarding current events, political candidates or, at times, my own blog posts. For these people, reductiveness is a religion, which is interesting since religion is often the result reductiveness, but I digress…

For these individuals, irrespective the depth or intellectual heft of what they read, if it does not comport with their Disney Channel view of the world, they simply relegate it to the category of “bad things” and try to eliminate it by bullying me rather than actually thinking about the subject.

It is easier, for them, to react than to err…think.  It is easier for the simple-minded to clench their fists and rail against that with which they disagree than to, ahh, you know…think.



  1. ignatz says:

    So, let me get this right. You dishonored your mother’s memory after she died. She could not defend herself. Did you not have the balls to challenge her while she was alive? Since she passed away having money, she presumably left it to you. Since you claim to have, uh, integrity and high ethics, and you claim your blog is at least in part about morality, did you take the money that you damned her for, did you give it back, did you donate it, or are you a soul-less slime ball who’s so self impressed that he lost sight of the respect he owes his mother, attacked her like a coward, and is just stumping to get followers on a bullshit blog?

    • You’re obviously shilling for someone in my family, or else you are someone in my family, since you claim to know so much about me. You’re very transparent. Also, you’re obvious disdain for me reminds me of one of my brothers, so I’ll just ignore everything you say. You’re gonna want to try better to hide your identity next time. Oh, and by the way, name calling is really, really, grade-school.

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