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In Search of Courage


This post is for a select and quite exclusive group of people, dear readers. Please don’t assume that I’m talking about all my readers. Those about whom I’m speaking will know who they are, I promise.

When someone like myself endeavors to corral original thoughts and reduce them to writing, there are always those who will disagree. Many of those are courageous enough to do so in kind-that is, to subject their own thoughts and comments to the same scrutiny and potential for violent disagreement as have I by disagreeing, right here in this forum. And then there are the cowards.

These I define as those who lurk in the background, never revealing themselves (but my logs tell me that you’re there. I know who you are and which posts you’ve read). These are the readers without the courage to post their own convictions, yet want me to explain mine. They call on the phone or send an occasional email telling me how insulted they are about a recent post. Yet they lack the simple understanding that the integrity of what they say is directly determined by the manner in which they say it. If you don’t have the balls to say it in public, I’m not interested in what you have to say! You don’t get to respond to my public comments in private!

Some of these philistines fear getting called out on the occasional mis-spelling, poor syntax or grade-school sentence structure which they are allowed when not subject to public scrutiny. They don’t have the confidence in their vocabulary to venture forth with their own missive counter-posing something I may have said with which they disagree. They make end runs around admitting that they read my blog and have something to say regarding one of my posts. They claim to have been “made aware” of one of my posts and want me to listen while they spew forth their ill-conceived “disagreement” with what I have to say. And when I explain that the purpose of my blog is to express MYSELF, not them, they offer the hastily contrived banality that I “can’t defend myself”. They miss the point completely, as well as missing the point about missing the point. They’re not smart enough to know what they’re not smart enough to know.

Like a stand-up comic or an actor on the stage, this is not a mutual admiration society. The stand-up comic does not ask you to come on stage and tell a couple of your own jokes. He tells you his. If you don’t like them, you should go home. If you have better ones, have the moral courage to audition and try to get on a stage yourself. Don’t lurk by his car in the parking lot and tell him how offended you were. He doesn’t care. Neither do I.

This blog, as with all blogs, is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me. Every time I post a blog, I gain numerous followers who want to be made aware of all my future posts.That says to me that what I have to say strikes a nerve with many. For that I am grateful. Yes, I am even grateful to the thoughtful, intelligent Repubs who can actually make a thoughtful argument! I welcome the challenge of a well-thought-out trashing of one of my comments.

So for those who disagree-have at it. Tear me up, trash my prose, point out the flaws in my arguments, list chapter and verse as to why I am an intellectual invalid, point out my mis-spellings with a hearty “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah”. But do so were others can see what you’ve written, as I do. Have to courage to subject yourself to the ridicule of others, as I do.

Or, you can just continue to hide behind your sanctimony and feel safe in the knowledge that no one will ever know how cowardly you are. It will be our little secret…


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