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A Drifting Pixel


For Kelly…

Emotional limits remain hidden until closely approached. Comfort is banality. Angst, pain and uncertainty are mentors. Enlightening are days beginning in chaos/ending in gratitude. Colliding thought bubbles force us to focus, to clarify, to chose a path often addled by landmines of skepticism.

Keyboard clicks count off the cadence of some lives; knife wounds, figurative or otherwise, do so for others.

Muddled by occasional Tourettes, I, one of the glorious accidents of Humankind, twitch in anticipation of God…knows what. And I progress.

To know what is coming tomorrow is stagnation. To not is, well…not.

If life is sailing, then courage is the jib that propels. Fear the keel that protects against capsize.

If you never get knocked down, you can’t know how marvelous it is to, well, get up again (Thanks Chumbawamba).


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