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Adam and Eve, Astronomy and Burning Homosexuals


At one time many people believed that knowledge was dangerous, hence the bible story about Adam and Eve being punished for eating from a tree by the same name. We’re much smarter than that now, right?

At one time most people believed that the earth was flat, but we’ve evolved to the point where anyone who thinks that way is called an idiot, correct?

At one time most people believed that the sun revolved around the earth, but we’re much smarter than that now. We know better, don’t we?

At one time, many believed that black people simply weren’t as smart as white people and that subjugating them was, in fact, doing them a favor, since they probably couldn’t take very good care of themselves. Some of us also believed that when they were singing in the cotton fields, it was a sign of happiness, contentedness and simplemindedness. Christ, who would ever believe that anymore, do ya feel me?

At one time, homosexuals were called Faggots. Know why? Because the word faggot originally meant a pile of sticks, that pile having been accumulated for no other reason than to start a fire. And since homosexuals, when discovered, were typically burned alive as heretics, the name for one became equated with the other. But no one in his right mind looks at people differently because of their sexual predilections any more, right? Right? Hello, right?

I sometimes wonder if the best way to judge a society is by which ideas it deems acceptable and which it relegates to the domain of imbeciles. And camo-clad duck hunters.


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