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Presidents and Their Lies.



The latest ACA (Obamacare) controversy is over the fact that some are being forced to dump their non-conforming health insurance policies (AKA garbage policies) for those that comply with the minimum protections required by the ACA.

Some are saying that Barack Obama lied when he said, repeatedly, that any of us who like our current coverage could keep it. This may or may not be true. But for the purposes of this post, I’ll assume that it is.

Although it is possible that he was mistaken, I am willing to give in to Repub admonishments that Barack Obama lied in order to make the ACA more palatable for those among us who were on the fence. I’m willing to accept that Barack Obama may have blatantly and purposefully lied about the ACA to get it passed.

OK now, catch your breath; because I’m not going to let you Repubs celebrate this too much. There’s more to this, and I’m about to explain it to you. Let’s discuss when Presidents lie…

Richard Nixon lied about Watergate, which was an effort to steal information from the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for the purpose of ensuring Nixon’s victory in 1973.

Ronald Reagan claimed that he didn’t know that we were illegally selling arms to the Iranians (one of our premier enemies at the time, if you remember the Iranian hostage crisis that put Reagan into office) and then funneling the money to the Nicaraguan Contras to help them overthrow their dictator (which Congress had specifically forbidden).

His Vice President, George HW Bush, besides claiming to be “out of the loop” on the above Iran/Contra matter (an incredible statement, since he had been the head of the CIA in previous years and could not possibly have been unaware of it), also stated, without equivocation, during his campaign for President, when asked about the deficits that had been left by Reagan and the need for a tax increase, “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then went ahead and raised them anyway.

Even Bill Clinton, when he said, “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinski”, turned out to have been lying.

Then of course, we have Cowboy Bush, son of HW, who told us, both by himself and through the shadow President, Dick Cheney, that Iraq had WMD when they didn’t, and he knew it. He also let millions of less-than-well-informed Repubs believe that Saddam had some hand in 9/11. He also allowed torture at Guantanamo when he knew that it was illegal. There are parts of the world where he and Cheney can never again travel, since there are warrants against them for war crimes.

Now we have Barack Obama, who may have lied about the ACA.

So, to recap, three Repubs, Nixon, Reagan, daddy Bush lied to avoid potential impeachment since they had performed blatantly illegal acts.

One additional Repub lied and thousands died because he wanted to get the Iraqi dictator who threatened his daddy, and apparently thought water boarding was jumping off a long, springy board into your backyard pool.

Then, the Democrat lied over, wait for it…oral sex, which had no effect on anyone and, although ill advised, hurt no one, other than his own family.

And now we come to the worst liar of all, Barack Obama, who LIED US INTO BETTER HEALTH CARE!

It’s true, folks. We are complaining that this guy might have lied about something that will make us all healthier. He might have lied to us to ensure that the deadbeats of the world who don’t carry health insurance then stiff the hospital when they have to go to the emergency room, forcing all of us to pay for their medical care, now have to hold up their end of the bargain! (That was what the Heritage Foundation, a Repub think tank, strongly recommended in the early 90s. It was also the main selling point of Romneycare in Massachusetts).

This miserable politician lied through his teeth to make sure that all Americans can now have the peace of mind that, if they get sick, they won’t lose their houses trying to pay the hospital bill. That people with serious illnesses won’t have to file bankruptcy when they can’t pay for treatment.

He lied so that a guy like me, late 50s and rather healthy, can save over $300 per month on his new policy under the ACA, (I am already signed up and start paying my lower premiums in January) for the EXACT SAME COVERAGE WITH A LOWER DEDUCTIBLE THAN I HAD BEFORE. It’s even through the same insurance company!

Yup, looks like that son-of-a-bitch really put one over on us…


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