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I Hate Obamacare-Now Why Can’t I Have It?


As of today, the Repubs have outdone themselves in plumbing new depths of stupidity.

Since the ACA was first signed into law, they’ve been telling us how the American people are against it, don’t want it, want to repeal and replace it, etc, etc.

Now that it’s in place (albeit with some website problems) they’re bitching because so many people are having trouble signing up for it! In other words, so many Americans hate it that the web site is crashing under the strain of people trying to buy it!

The ACA is not a website. It is a way for Americans who are sick and can’t afford medicine to finally have a way to buy it. The website is just a portal into that idea. You can buy it by phone or by mail as well-you don’t need the website.

The web site will be fixed sooner or later and those millions upon millions of people who were just a little more patient will be walking taller, healthier and not worrying about going bankrupt when they get sick.

And to those who believe (or hope) that the frustration with the web site will doom the ACA, stop being so naive. Do you really think that the chance to see a doctor for someone who hasn’t done so for years isn’t enough incentive to go back to a website a few times? Are you serious?

And the problems with the web site simply prove its popularity. If Americans hated the ACA so much, they wouldn’t be trying to sign up en mass, and we wouldn’t even know that the site had problems, would we?

I don’t care if the web site is down for months. The net result of the ACA is healthier Americans. Only a Repub could be so cold, so anti-social and so selfish to be against that.

With these congressional hearings, we’re seeing Repubs complaining about the quality of the food in the restaurant, and then immediately getting mad because there’s such a long wait for a table!


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