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Sarah and the Cruzers

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OMG! I am so happy that Sarah the quitter is back! She’s going around defending the imbecilic Ted Cruz and, using the tactic that proved so effective in the 2012 election, calling Barack Obama a socialist again! Yee haa!

I thought that the country had tired of Ms Palin, but apparently no one has told her. No one told her that her attempts to hurt Barack Obama have failed, over and over again, to the point that she’s become nothing more than a curiosity. A morbid one, but a curiosity nonetheless.

My new desire is that Sarah keeps talking about Ben Ghazi, Syria, Iran, Libya and other places that she can’t find on a map. My desire is that she continues to stir up the Tea Partiers, so that she and Ted Cruz can form a big, powerful coalition within the Repub party.

I want her and Ted to convince, 20%, 30% even 50% of the Repubs that they should reject mainstream Repub philosophy, keep calling the ACA a “trainwreck” (you’d think they’d come up with another insult by now), and alienating normal, mainstream Repubs from their own party.

Then, the next time the Repubs try to float a Presidential candidate, the Tea Party neanderthals will refuse to support him and float their own candidate (Maybe Cruz-Palin, or vise versa).

Then, with their party fragmented and un-unified, the probability of them actually electing someone for President will be nearly zero.

There is nothing that Lib/Dems should cheer more than Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin succeeding in everything they attempt to do. Fortunately, there aren’t enough idiots in the country to ever elect one of their ilk to the White House (at least Romney is an intelligent guy, and they couldn’t even elect him) and so we have nothing to fear from them. Nothing.

I truly believe that the bigger the Tea Party gets, the better the future looks for Liberals.


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