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ACA UPDATE-Fox “News” Glitchwatch


Fox “News” has something called Glitch Watch on their web site. They are studiously reporting any and all instances of problems with the ACA website. Their glee is hardly containable!

They are so unbelievably ignorant of reality that they are using the fact that the Obamacare websites are crashing due to simple overload as proof that Obamacare is not working. They think that the web site crashing under the load of over 1 million visitors per hour proves its…wait for it…failure!

Thats like saying the reason there were 4-hour waiting times outside Apple stores for the iPhone 5 proves that no one really wanted it!

This is the law that Fox keeps saying Americans hate so much. This is the law that Fox keeps calling a “train wreck”. This is the law thats so “unpopular” that the freakin web site crashed under the load of people trying to sign up for it on its first day!

Yes, thank you Fox. You keep up that excellent reporting of how popular Obamacare really is, and we’ll just sit at home and giggle…


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