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Oh Glorious “Common Sense”!

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I’ve often been subjected, during heated debates on matters related to this or that current event, theory or ideology, to the fingernail-on-blackboard sound of this non-descript, undefined thing called Common Sense. It is the most insidious, pedestrian and reductive rhetorical device ever to have been so desperately imposed on me.

Those who resort to this flagon of verbal bile do so, typically, when cornered by having made an argument which cannot be convincingly defended by anything that remotely constitutes information, much less fact. The refrain, “Of course, it’s Common Sense!” is the final bastion of vacuous retort, indicating an argument sustained and supported by nothing.

Common Sense is the orifice into which one slides his hand, down to the elbow, and grabs on to whatever excrement encrusted detritus is within reach, victoriously pulling it out like a three-year-old pulls a handful of candy out of a Halloween trick-or-treat sack. Then, brandishing this fist of oozing slop he holds it up high, as if a death-inducing rejoinder to your question, “Where did you get that information from?” believing he has rendered your query forever moot with his adolescent verbal rim-shot. He proudly holds it aloft as it drips, unbeknownst to him, down into his armpit, staining his shirt, the self-satisfied grin betraying his guileless belief that you have been dispatched.


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