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Amend the Ten Commandments


The Zimmerman jury did the right thing. They took the case as presented and made a decision. Based on the information in the trial, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have felt compelled to decide the same way. This was a hard case to prove, and the defense won. Finito…

The sadness, to me, is the fact that those who carry bibles in one hand and guns in the other, who fear their own shadows and see boogy-men and terrorists around every corner, don’t understand the damage being done to our morality.

It is time for an amendment, not to the Constitution, but to the Ten Commandments. I propose amending the Sixth Commandment to read:

“Thou shalt not kill. (Unless you are in fear of bodily injury, even if that fear is the result of your own actions. The only requirement is that you are scared of getting beaten up, even if you started it. Then its OK to kill)”.

At least then we’ll all know where we stand…


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