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George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and Opposite day!


An eighteen year old man, black in complexion, strolls his neighborhood one evening, carrying a Kel-Tec 9 mm semi-automatic gun. While walking, he spots another man, this one white, walking through the neighborhood. This black man knows that white people walking around after dark is usually a sign of impending trouble. After all, why is this white man walking around after dark in a nice neighborhood like this one?

Why doesn’t he just go back to his own neighborhood?

He calls the local police and tells them, “there is a white man walking around my neighborhood, and he looks suspicious.” He then states, “these fucking assholes always get away”, suggesting that white people who walk from one place to another after dark are “fucking assholes” who, presumably, get away with things.

The armed black man follows the white man, for the purpose of protecting the neighborhood-even though the police told him that it was not necessary. But the black man persisted, because, well, you know, you’ve got to keep an eye on white people.

The white man, seeing that he is being followed, stops and has the impudence to question the black man as to why the black man is following him. This white man is disregarding the fact that black people are usually allowed the privilege of checking up on white people, since the motives of black people is rarely questioned and white people are, well you know…

An altercation ensues and, although details are sketchy, the black man ends up killing the white man, claiming self-defense. The local police chief, having heard the above details, does not bother arresting the black man since, hell, we all know that young black men carrying guns and walking around at night in residential neighborhoods is quite a normal, everyday occurrence. We don’t want to discourage it because it helps protect us from, well you know…

We should encourage armed, young, black men walking around in our neighborhoods at night to report any unauthorized white people, and protect them even if, every now and then, a white guy has to die. Hey, these things just happen sometimes.

I hope that your incredulity regarding the above narrative would inform your opinion of how we should react when the colors are reversed.



  1. Zeudo Nemm says:

    A neighborhood keeps getting robbed. Citizens are upset and a few decide to create a watch group. One night a tall person is pacing in the rain. A neighbor doesn’t notice him as living in the community. He wonders why this person doesn’t go inside or under the covering. That is what most residents who belong there would do. He then notices the person seems to be casing homes. He doesn’t notice the tall starnger is really talking on the phone as he is using an earpiece. As he gets closer to ask the stranger a few questions, the stranger flees. The watchman takes this as a sign that his suspicions were coprrect and the subject really si up to no good. But the watchman is out of shape and much older than the stranger who is a strapping young football player. Oh well, the stranger escaped….. But WAIT, the stranger comes back and starts hitting the watchman. Grabs for his gun. It turns out the stranger was visiting his Father because he has been in recent rouble. That is why he feaered authority. He didn’t want to get in more trouble. His ego however wouldn’t let the watchman get away with profiling. Never mind that the profile was accurate, as he was a stranger and most of th recent crimes happened to be done by young black males…

    • Jerry Zezas says:

      Problem is, Treyvon Martin is not responsible for whether someone’s profiling is accurate. People shouldn’t die to prove the or disprove the accuracy of profiles. You likely wouldn’t be so tolerant of your son/brother dying because he fit a profile. But you seem to be willing to toss away the life of someone not related to you for that purpose. Pity.

    • Erik Randall says:

      Ok, but the “watchman” as you call him is not a police officer and has been told to “stand down” by an authority. He purposely left his vehicle to confront Mr. Martin. What happened after that is up to interpretation, but Mr. Martin ended up dead. Most rational people would not have done what Mr. Zimmerman did. However, I will leave it to the court to decide if he is a murderer. However, there were many places along the way where Zimmerman could have prevented any kind of escalation, but he refused to do so.

      • Zeudo Nemm says:

        Dispathchers can not give standing orders. They do give advice. The advice to not pursue was to protect Zimmerman against Trayvon. The dispatcher assumes the subject is a criminal and if you are not a cop it can end up with you getting harmed by the subject. Alas, Trayvon also had a phone and didn’t call the cops. Odd if he really thought his life was in danger. The best time to stop the escalation was after Trayvon had already escaped. He was free from the guy. But he chose to come back. His ego wouldn’t allow a cracka to profile him and it was time to crack that crackas face.

      • Sounds to me like you’re faulting Treyvon for”standing his ground”

  2. Zeudo Nemm says:

    I was a young male once. I got profiled almost every day. It makes you put your guard up. You understand there are cops dressed in plain clothing. You know eventually they will harrass you. You know if you run it makes things worse. You end up answering their questions, either by being overly polite, or by cocking an attitude. Polite when you know you have done something. A nasty attitude when you have one nothing wrong accept for fitting their criminal description. But you realize they have the power and fighting only gives them more power to abuse you. If you don’t, you do after they crack down on your ass….

    Two egos clashed on that night. It may have turned out differentlly if Trayvon hadn’t of left his illegal gun at home.

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