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The Worst that Peggy Noonan can think of…


“We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate” ((Peggy Noonan, referring to the IRS scandal (which has been fully admitted to and apologized for by those in charge of the IRS) in the Wall Street Journal, May 17th, 2013)).

Ms Noonan seems to have forgotten:

Gerald Ford Pardons Richard Nixon with no penalties 1974-no apology.
Iran Contra-Selling arms to Iran in return for release of our hostages 1985-no admission or apology.
George H.W. Bush refusing to testify as to his knowledge of Iran Contra 1988-no admission or apology.
WTC Bombing on 9/11-no Congressional investigation-no admission or apology.
Lies about Iraq buying Yellowcake from Yemen 2003-no admission or apology.
Iraq WMD never found to this day-no admission or apology.
Scooter Libby and the Valerie Plame affair 2007-no admission or apology.
Lawyergate, where non-Republican lawyers are fired without cause 2007-no admission or apology.
Jack Abramoff bribery of gov’t officials 2008-no admission or apology.

When someone perpetually claims that whatever happens is always the worst of its type that has ever happened, one must assume that they have:

1. Recently emerged from the womb
2. Just awakened from an especially deep sleep
3. An IQ resembling the temperature at which water freezes.


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