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Watergate started with an illegal break-in to the Democratic National Committee headquarters by people working for Richard Nixon and ended up being covered up by President Nixon. This was an actual, illegal act, for which people went to jail. These are indisputable facts as admitted to by Nixon, not during his administration, but years later in an interview with David Frost.

This is falsely being compared to the current Associated Press and Benghazi scandal because certain political groups are desperate to find some way to negate their shame over Watergate. There is absolutely no similarity between them.

The Iran Contra scandal started with the illegal sale of arms to our ostensible enemy, Iran, with the proceeds being used to illegally fund a war that the Congress had refused the President permission to fund, in Nicaragua. (The word Contra is what the rebels who we were supporting called themselves). Ronald Reagan, after repeatedly denying any knowledge, finally, under intense pressure, went on TV and still denied knowledge of it, but said that he takes “full responsibility for it”, yet never defined what “full responsibility” actually meant, since he never fired anyone, yet others under him went to jail. Years later, when asked about his role in this scandal, Vice President George HW Bush said he had been “out of the loop”. These facts are undisputed.

After the attacks on 9/11, George W Bush commented on more than one occasion that “no one could have foreseen the 9/11 attacks coming”, yet he was informed that Al-Qaeda was planning to attack the US from the air only 1 month before. He has never, to this day, accepted any responsibility for it. These facts are widely known and remain undisputed.

This is not even being mentioned by those feigning such outrage over Benghazi, since they don’t want anyone to notice the similarities with 9/11 and the fact that their outrage right after 9/11 was conspicuous by its absence.

In 2004, the IRS audited the NAACP after they had made some disparaging remarks about the George Bush record on race.

“We have received information that during your 2004 convention in Philadelphia, your organization distributed statements in opposition of George W. Bush for the office of presidency,” the IRS wrote in an audit notice that the group released to the media at the time. Even the Bush administration never disputed these facts.

This is NOT being compared to the current IRS scandal because these same political interests are hoping that you don’t know it happened. There are lots of similarities between the two, yet no Republicans have chosen to discuss it. None of them are saying that “This is the worse IRS scandal since the one under the Republican’s watch in 2004”, since it was not widely publicized and they’d prefer that it wasn’t.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans after spending days in the Gulf of Mexico, heading right for that town. FEMA, the agency which exists solely for the purpose of defending us from natural disasters, (and has years of experience doing do) even with all this notice, failed miserably, causing the unnecessary death of hundreds of people of New Orleans.

This was compared to the Gulf Oil spill, which came without any warning and for which there was no government agency in place to deal with it, since it had never happened before, because certain political groups are desperate to find some way to negate their shame over Katrina. They were desperate to call it “Obama’s Katrina” simply because it happened in the same area of the country. They failed to realize that by calling it “Obama’s Katrina”, they were admitting what they had always denied, that Katrina was in fact a dismal Presidential failure, otherwise there’d be no reason to use the reference.

Republican Mark Sanford cheated on his wife, lied to his constituency about where he was when he went missing for 5 days, got caught, resigned from office in disgrace, yet was just elected a Congressman in his same home state of North Carolina. All is apparently forgiven, Republican Mark.

Democrat Anthony Weiner sends pictures of his covered penis to some women, was forced to resign and likely will never win in his current attempt to be Mayor of NY. No one wants anything to do with Democrat Anthony.

Republican David Vitter, Congressman from Louisiana, got caught with prostitutes, yet got re-elected to his seat just a year later. Hey, boys will be boys, right Republican Dave?

Democrat Eliot Spitzer does the same and is forced to resign from office. Democrat Eliot now works in TV News.

The only true, high level scandal that Republicans have been able to cobble together about Democrats after 1973 was Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal. That’s right, all they have been able to hang their respective hats on is when a Democrat lied about cheating on his wife, and they tried to hang him for it…and failed.

When a Democrat makes the slightest error, the Republicans always resurrect THEIR repeated scandals, illegal activities and bald-faced lies and try to say, “Hey, this is much, much, much worse than when we did it”, and yet, in all this time, they still haven’t found one that actually is.

The pattern here should be obvious. Republicans do the exact things of which they accuse Democrats, only more often and with more vigor, yet rely on the ignorance and forgetfulness of their constituency when they claim outrage over what Democrats do.

And their constituency never disappoints…


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