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Piss and J. Edgar Hoover


Lyndon Baines Johnson, when referring to the difficulty he had been having with J. Edgar Hoover, then the all-powerful head of the FBI, once conceded, “I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in”. Johnson hated Hoover, and the world knew it, but Johnson was politically savvy and knew that he needed Hoover and the power he wielded to help with his agenda.

We always appear willing to accept the most duplicitous, deceptive, dishonest and hypocritical among us as long as we believe that they are acting on our behalf.

In a court battle, the opposing attorney is always petty, sneaky, underhanded and opportunistic, obfuscating the facts with reckless disregard for the truth. We only wish our attorney was equally as much of a prick.

Our political leaders are expected to be transparent with us, bold in the face of our enemies, powerful in the face of our allies, fair in their treatment of our loved ones, and tough in the treatment of those who would take what is ours, either by force or deception.

If he is from a political party not fully symphonic with ours, then his attempts at any of the above will be the subject of ridicule. He’s going too far, not going far enough, never means what he says, never says what he means, is just trying to manipulate us for the benefit of getting re-elected, can’t be trusted, doesn’t love America…

Unless, that is, if he is from our side. Then, even if all of the above is true about OUR GUY, we are convinced that there must be a good reason for it. We believe that he would never do those things unless he was doing them for our benefit.

If their guy starts a war-it’s for oil, power or to protect his friends. If our guy starts a war, it’s to protect the homeland or fend off an attack. If their guy cuts taxes, it’s to benefit his rich friends. If our guy does the same, it’s to help the economy.

If their guy spends money, he’s a reckless Socialist. If our guy spends money, hey, some things are just too important to give up.

Pissing on yourself, as we all know, can literally give you a warm feeling. When it’s someone else’s piss, however, it’s quite repulsive.

And yet, in the end, it’s all just piss.



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