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B-1 Bombers and Whitehouse tours


Recently the Secret Service, facing cuts from the ludicrously named Sequester, decided that one way to cut $74,000 per week from its budget was to stop White House tours. This will disappoint many, inconvenience some and be considered by others as exceedingly petty.

Now, enter the budget slashing crowd with their strum und drang, wringing of hands and perpetual ridicule of all that this government does. They have been on the major networks, expounding upon the unbelievable agony under which these Boy Scout troops and 4th grade classes will now suffer, as a result of these tours having been cancelled. The premise that the President (even though it wasn’t him) would order White House tours eliminated until the Sequester is overturned is, in their minds, further proof of how poorly our economy is being managed.

These “patriots”, who, for the last 4 years have been clamoring ad infinitum for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, Unemployment insurance extensions, The Affordable Care Act, and virtually everything important that our government does, have once again revealed that the only cuts that are acceptable to them are those that they don’t notice.

These people want cuts to anything and everything (except the military) as long as it has no effect on them (remember “Stop Entitlements, but don’t touch my Medicare”?). These are the same small government, slash the budget at all costs protestors who now, faced with cuts to one of the most frivolous, non-critical government programs, one of the least important to the future of our democracy, scream once again that they want cuts, but not these cuts.

To these citizens, it’s acceptable for childhood education programs like Head Start, the EPA which protects our environment, the FDA which inspects our food, the FAA which keeps planes from crashing into each other, Aid to Dependent Children which provides food stamps for the hungry and many other important government programs to fail in the name of slashing government spending.

But, if you cut even one $2.2 billon B-1 bomber, one $5 billion aircraft carrier, one ridiculously cool but entirely useless $150 million F22 Raptor, or, apparently, tours of the White House, well then, you’ve just gone too far.


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