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Today’s philosophical take on aging:

Aging is like pulling on a roll of toilet paper. When its brand new, it spins slowly, but it seems to go much faster as it nears the end.

Jerry Zezas

The saddest part of this election is…

The more I think about this election, the more I can’t think about it. I have been an activist for my entire life. I protested the Vietnam War. I protested against the Nixon presidency. I argued for funding for AIDS when there was none. I fought Ronald Reagan’s war mongering policies and military buildup. I screamed when George HW Bush said he was “out of the loop” on Iran Contra, and complained incessantly about his idiot son and how he ruined this country for generations to come.

But this guy…this bloviating, self-referential, low standards con artist who has persuaded just enough of us that he belongs in the Whitehouse…I just don’t have the words. He truly is a leader of deplorables. The skinniest kid in fat camp. The smartest kid in idiot school. The most believable liar. The healthiest gluton. The most altruistic billionaire slumlord. The most pious whorehound. The most loving father who makes sexual references to his daughter. The most hard-working and studious trust-fund baby. The most understated resident of a gold-plated penthouse. The most humble braggart. The most down-to-earth man whose name is emblazoned on his personal jet.

Our standards of intelligence, patriotism, leadership and our benchmarks for personal integrity and political openness have descended to depths beneath what I’ve ever seen or expected to see in my lifetime.

The problem for me is that it is now beneath my ability to rail against. I just don’t know how to explain that the earth is round to someone whose absolutely incontrovertible proof that it is flat is a picture of the horizon from his front porch.

The reason that Atheists don’t criticize Islam

I’ve often seen the question asked why Atheists are “afraid” to criticize Islam. This question appears, on its face, to be justified, since I often find my fellow Atheists fully engaged in criticizing Christianity but throttling back when it comes to Islam. Why is that?

I’m a balls-to-the-wall Atheist and condemn all the hatred that comes from all religion. On the other hand, if religion is going to exist (and it will), then hating a religion for doing the exact things that your “home” religion did hundreds of years ago is hypocrisy.

It isn’t so much that we’re afraid to condemn Islam. We just don’t want it to appear that we’re juxtaposing it with Christianity, with Christianity coming out on top, because we believe Christianity to be at least as bad as Islam. For that reason, we refrain from criticizing Islam as long as our own country espouses so-called “Christian” values.

It’s as if your father beats his wife, yet so does mine. If I were to publicly condemn your father, your quite reasonable response might be, “How can you criticize my father when your’s does the same thing?” I guess it comes under the heading of “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

Islam is no better or worse than Christianity, Buddism (did you know that there are Buddist terrorists in Myanmar?) or any other religion. For those of us who live in what some believe to be a Christian nation, it’s hard to cast the first stone.

Causation, Correlation, And The Rain

Creationists believe that rain falls in an effort to make the corn grow, that there is a benevolent purpose to rain.

Evolutionists believe that the corn grows as a consequence of the rain having fallen. And that it also rots because too much rain has fallen.

Understanding the difference between the two means understanding the difference between causation and correlation.

My Predictions about Trump

I believe that Trump is as big, or bigger, a liar than anyone who has ever run for the presidency. But, as a Democrat, that might not be a bad thing for me.

He is already suggesting that he won’t completely gut the ACA. He has already said that he’s not going to deport 12 million undocumented aliens.

I predict as follows:
1. No wall between here and Mexico
2. No mass deportation
3. No monitoring of Muslims
4. He’s not going to “bomb the shit” out of Isis.
5. He’s not going to try to repeal gay marriage
To recap, I think Trump is one of the most dishonest human being to have ever sought that office. But I think the people who he lied to the most are the Repubs who elected him.

Watch this space.

Moneyed Trailer Trash

After this election, America looks like the people who just moved into a really nice house in a gated community, put up an above-ground pool and started parking their cars on the front lawn.

Do you miss me yet?


The meme above has been around ever since Obama took office, and was met with the appropriate ridicule from virtually every thinking person.

Now, however…

I guess when confronted with terminal cancer, you would not be faulted for missing the day when all you had was emergency triple-bypass surgery.

Yes, I said it. I wouldn’t trade Obama for the world, but I’d trade Trump for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in a heartbeat.

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