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So, let me see if I have this straight…

We have this group, ISIS, or ISIL, depending on the message you’re trying to send when you say it, publicly beheading people. They’re using expensive cameras and good quality production techniques to show the world how brutal they are. And of course, the immediate reaction is to simply say that they are brutal monsters and must be wiped off he face of the earth. Nothing terribly new or original here.

But wait a second…

These people are fully aware that when the President of the US, or the heads of governments around the world see this brutality, they will be motivated, both by personal feelings of disgust and political pressure, to attack ISIS. This is not news. This is not something of which these barbarians are not aware. Yet they continue to take the time and energy to videotape these beheadings and release them to the world. They are fully aware that their actions will cause hell to rain from above in artillery fire and bombs dropped from airplanes, as well as ground troops rooting them out where ever they hide. They know that these things are about to happen.

Yet they continue to provoke.

Sure, many of these religious zealots will die for their beliefs, but the very nature of any army is to preserve their personnel, not to purposely taunt the enemy into killing them, otherwise you will lose you battle. So why are they doing it? Why are they virtually asking to be attacked by an army that they know they can’t possibly defeat?

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this smells really bad.

After all, we’re all way too smart to be tricked into another war, like cowboy George Bush did to us in 2003, right? Right? I mean, we’re much too savvy to be goaded into invading a country again because of simple-minded threats of weapons of mass destruction, right? I said right?

We would need much more proof, much more evidence, much more abject brutality before we would allow ourselves to be suckered into another middle-east conflict, wouldn’t we? I mean, after all, its not like we’re stupid or anything, are we?

John McCain is getting his way. Lindsay Graham is getting his way. Dick Cheney is getting his way. All the “retired generals” on Fox “News” who are recommending war are currently working for defense contractors (Google their name the next time you see one of them. I did) and they could’t be happier.

Obama’s poll numbers are way up regarding foreign policy and the Congress, including John Boehner, are agreeing with Obama and giving him whatever he wants in order to go to war! Can you believe that?

We hear Rick Perry telling us, with a straight face, that ISIS is coming over the Mexican border! We have state department officials telling us that ISIS members can come into the country without passports. We’re seeing journalists being beheaded on national TV.

And its scaring us, because, well, we here in the big bad United States of America, the greatest country on earth and its only remaining superpower, well, we scare pretty easily…

What’s next, Colin Powell testifying at the UN about aluminum tubes from Niger?

Hey, do you know who I am?

Interesting combination of self-delusional self-promotion this week…

Two conservative heroes, Sarah Palin and George Zimmerman, not only got into physical altercations within the last few days, but both of them apparently decided that invoking “who they are” would be a proper defense against their erstwhile aggressors.

Sarah, you know, the woman who quit as Alaska governor just to remind us where Russia is and terrify us into the thought of her being one blood clot away from the Presidency, was involved in a brawl in Alaska the other day and used the line “don’t you know who I am?” when confronted with some equally back-woods mouth breather like herself. Here’s the link.

And George Zimmerman, you know, that cowardly “neighborhood watch” guy who’s too scared to take a dump unless his sidearm is strapped to his ankle. You know, the one who shoots black teenagers and routinely threatens women with violence as often as most people shower. You know, the one who’s father is an ex-judge, but that had no influence on the fact that he once beat up a cop and got off scott-free. You know, THAT George Zimmerman.

Well, he got in a road-rage confrontation the other day and returned the next day with a gun in his belt and told the guy who cut him off, “Do you know who I am, I’ll fucking kill you”. I’m sure he was only “standing his ground”, so it must be OK. Here’s the link to that one

Now you know our conservative friends. They forgot how much they loved Sarah Palin and defended Zimmerman. They hope that we’ve forgotten their ill-conceived and poorly-defended support of these losers. But we haven’t. And what makes it easier for us to remember is the fact that all the neanderthals that fall into this category seem to be coalescing into one, big low-IQ, knuckle dragging, racist, gun-loving, anti-intellectual, puss-filled blob.

Zimmerman, Palin, Phil Robertson and Clive Bundy are all examples of the imbeciles that Repubs first support, with guns, banners, protests, and Fox “News” reports, then, somehow slither into the background with a quietly murmured “never mind”, when they find out just what maloderous, dim-witted, dolt’s these genetic inaccuracies truly are.

Just one more example of the good decision making techniques used by our Repub friends!

And yet, their heroes are so unbelievably stupid, so blindingly unaware of what those with IQs above the pollen count think of them, that they always appear to want to remind us “who they are”.

Do we know who they are? Well, yes. Yes we do.

Ray Rice-Sports Hero

Over the course of my life I’ve heard many instances of spousal abuse, child abuse, illegal gambling, dog fighting and other pretty nasty things perpetrated by various professional athletes. Some are dealt with reasonably well (Michael Vic comes to mind), some not too well (the NFL’s initial reaction to Ray Rice) and some are still being debated (there are some who still argue that Pete Rose should be in the baseball hall of fame). Along with those activities there are always some self-appointed sports pundits (is that actually a thing?) who claim that what a person does on the outside has nothing to do with the game. This is apparently why Michael Vic was re-hired by an NFL team after he served his time for promoting dog-fighting and why many think that Pete Rose’s gambling offenses shouldn’t detract from the fact that he was the all-time major league leader in hits, among many other things.

Those who try to separate the man and his reputation from his performance as an athlete miss one important point about professional sports-without the reputation of the athlete, professional sports is a meaningless endeavor which does nothing more valuable than allow some over-medicated, steroid-enhanced, pituitary cases and their bosses to make more money than most of us will see in our lifetime, so that the rest of us, (well, some of us, anyway) can sit on a couch with a six-pack and a bag of Cheetos and wish we were them.

Professional sports is nothing without its “heros” (yeah, some people still call them that) so that the younger and less evolved of us can look up to them as, somehow, more complete humans than the rest of us. These people are revered because they can propel an object higher, faster or more accurately than the rest of us, while fending off those from the other team who would try to stop them. That’s about it. That’s why we pay them so much money, give them awards and allow them the best tables in restaurants. And its why many of them think that the laws that most of us cleave to are not relevant to them.

Read about some of Ray Rice’s fans who still support him HERE

There is nothing more vacuous than a professional athlete’s chosen “profession”. He or she benefits no one but his or her own sense of accomplishment and the wallets of those who help make them famous. And there is nothing more idiotic than to think that who they are should not affect what they do. Because what they do, other than as described above, has no genuine, lasting effect on anyone, other than them and their group.

No matter who is the world’s best at something today, there is always the next game and it can all change. No matter who wins today, the people who paid to see the game will not have gained in any meaningful way, unless you think that the ability to brag about “your team” is somehow meaningful. If you do, I suspect that you also think going on the biggest, baddest roller-coaster at Disneyworld is “living”.

Pro athletes are marionettes on a stage, asking for our approval, because our approval will provide them with more wealth than they can ever imagine. Well, if they are the marionettes, and we are the audience, we get to decide who should be on the stage and who gets the applause. If we are fickle in our judgement of them, so be it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Although I’m no sports fanatic I understand why many people like sports. Its not sports that I’m condemning. It’s the acclaim and admiration that we assign to these people who play them, and the willingness on the part of some, especially those who make millions on the fans who support them, to suggest that they, the athletes, are in any way important, or should be allowed to continue playing after having committed an offense that many of the more thoughtful of us would consider to be immoral or illegal.

Sean Hannity, Phil Robertson and Bowel Movements

Phil Robertson is back. Back on Fox “News” I mean. This maloderous, mouth-breathing, camo-fashionista, was on Sean Hannity discussing ISIS, because, after all, who better to discuss extremely complex foreign policy issues than someone who kills little ducks for a living?

You know ISIS, right? They’re that terrorist group in Iraq and Syria which kills people who don’t convert to Islam. You know, backward religious zealots who don’t like anyone who doesn’t look, act, or worship like they do. Over here we call them Catholics.

Anyway, Yosemite Sam, err, Phil, was acting all “I know words” on Hannity last night and, in between quoting from the bible he brought with him (I think it was covered in camo, for the man who likes scripture while sitting in a blind eating flame-broiled possum) and expounding on Jesus, he suggested to Sean, “In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them.”

So, Phil Robertson, that brilliant man-about-swamp moral philosopher to the stars, is telling us that the way to combat those who would kill us for not believing what they believe, is to kill them for not believing what we believe! Or, failing that, converting them to Christianity would be sufficient repentance for beheading innocent civilians. As long as they become Christian, all will be forgiven! In other words, killing is not too bad if you have the right God. Its when you kill in the name of a different God than Phil’s, well that’s when the gloves come off! Its an either/or situation, easily remedied with that old time religion!

It’s not so much that imbeciles like this exist. There are lots more where Phil Robertson came from, and most are related to him. But the fact that Fox has so little else of importance to impart to its listeners that they give this guy a forum to spew this verbal pablum all over the inside of my TV screen…

Yeah, I know that I could change the channel, but you know, like with car accidents and large bowel movements, its hard to not look…

Kickstarter Campaign

I’m in the process of writing a new book, working title Reluctant Racist-A White Man’s Perspective. It’s the story of racism, as I’ve seen it, for the last 50 or so years. I’m trying to bring a new perspective, and possibly say some things that most white guys are reluctant to say. I don’t know of another book like it.

I’ve decided to try out Kickstarter to help me fund it, since there is a lot of expense involved in researching a project like this.

Get a look at it here and see if it interests you.

Thanks and all the best

Jerry Zezas

All of God’s children

Isis, a Muslim group, beheading, torturing and starving those who will not comply with their strict religious requirements.

The Russian army, invading Ukraine under the guise that it is and always has been Russian territory.

Americans, (you know, that “Christian nation”) refusing refuge to hungry, poor people crossing their southern border because they’re worried that these hungry people will take jobs that the Americans don’t want anyway.

White “GI Joe wannabe” (I’ll bet a year’s salary that they’re 90% Christians and Republicans) cops killing black kids, detaining reporters illegally, and posting YouTube videos bragging how they’ve killed before and will do it again. Another one suggesting a “Muslim with a backpack” might be another method of dealing with protesters.

Pat Robertson telling a single mother that her son is gay because he wasn’t raised with a father.

And millions of people will go to church today to worship the entity that ostensibly created all this, because after all, he loves us…

Yay God!

Waterboarding is not torture! Of course not!, Wait, what now?

Isis, our enemy du jour, has announced that they will be waterboarding their captives in the future.

This is the group that captured American journalist James Foley and subsequently beheaded him. They claim to have waterboarded him as well, and cited the US as the country that was instrumental in convincing them to try it.

A foreign terrorist group using techniques that we perfected and defended as not constituting torture? I guess that means that we gave them permission. So, apparently, its now OK to waterboard Americans!

Thanks George Bush and Dick Cheney!

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